User Agent Program Causes Serious Problems
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Just a warning. After installing the User Agent program, my machine (running XP professional SP 3) had trouble running even a single program. The second an subsequent programs would sometimes not even launch properly. Once I uninstalled it, no problems. Never have I had a program that affected the operation of my computer so profoundly. Verizon, you need to take this destructive beast off the market, before it kills somebody.

Re: User Agent Program Causes Serious Problems
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Yeah, I hate software that is pushed out when not needed.

But Verizon is very proud of this software and if anything, is ramping up and pushing it harder  than ever. They think it stops more calls than it creates and they want to reduce the number of calls into them. In theory this is good, the more the customer can help themselves the better. But the problem is that with ANY windows program, there will ALWAYS be computers that cannot run it. Hard to blame the software in this case.

You can take 10 identical computers, take 1 windows disk and install it on all 10 computers and you will get 10 different results. So you can test a program all you want, when you release it there will always be someone that has a problem with it.