Using Asus ZenWiFi XT9s and a MOCA adapter for Fios Internet

I’ve been using my old G1100 router with Fios gigabit service, which works well but  doesn’t provide the whole house coverage I need.  I just received a new CR1000A router and E3200 extender from Verizon, as they were both included as free rentals with my gigabit package… so my initial thought was why not try them out?

Well, after reading about the poor “real-world” performance of the CR1000A in this thread, it sounds like a big reason to never deploy it.  However, as I do need a mesh network to cover my entire house, including the patio and front/back yards near the house (e.g. for outdoor smart spotlights, etc.), perhaps the best solution is to think outside the Verizon box.  Specifically, I was contemplating  purchasing something like Asus ZenWiFi XT9s and a MOCA adapter since I also subscribe to Fios TV.  Asus has a good reputation and their “AiMesh” technology is supported by many of their routers, so there are numerous choices in their ecosystem should I need additional nodes.  The XT9s are also available in black!  🙂

Thoughts on this approach?  Another idea would be to use the G1100 (or CR1000A for that matter) only as a wired router and use the Asus XT9s as mesh WiFi access points.

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