Using VPN on a Actiontec MI424WR

I just got Roku TV and would like to use my VPN service (PureVPN) to enable me to increase the content I can view on the Roku TV. 

I'm not great with tehcnology - I read up on this a little but I'm still not 100% on what I need to do. I gather that the router won't support VPN, so I have to buy another route if I want to do this. I have no idea how two routes work together - do I just plug one into the back of the other and then connect my Roku TV to the new router? Then can I configure my VPN service to run off the new router? 

I've tried to follow other threads but they got too technical and I got lost. Would appreciate any guidance in layman's terms if possible. 


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Community Leader

If you are not using Verizon stbs or have internet only service, you can use your own router.

Just make sure your internet is provisioned over Ethernet vs coax