Using own router, connected to different network?
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Hey all,  I use my own router with the Verizon Quantum Gateway.  I followed the popular guide to get this set up and have everything working in my house including the Fios TV and set top box.  This involved me plugging the ONT into my own router and my router into the gateway which is itself plugged into the coax network and I use a MoCa adapter near the set top box.

Anyway, this all seemingly works great except I discovered my main PC, which is plugged directly into one of the LAN ports on the quantum gateway, while it gets internet it appears to not be on the same network as my wifi network.  Is there a way to make these networks the same so my PC can connect to devices connected to the wifi?

Re: Using own router, connected to different network?
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If you use your own router as the primary router, VMS or TV One's advanced features, like VoD and remote DVR still won't work.

Also, we need more details to troubleshoot for you. This sounds like you have a double NAT situation where your PC is on an inner network of your home network. Double NAT increases latency and complexity.

Any reasons to use your router as the primary router? Also, the "popular guide" regarding how to use your own router here on the Forums is quite old and probably out of maintenance.