Using own router, only getting 10Mbps up and down on 75/75 Verizon FIOS connection



I recently bought an Archer A7 to replace my very old Verizon-supplied Actiontec router. I am having a bit of a problem with it though, after getting connected I am only getting 10Mbps both up and down whether I am over Wi-Fi or ethernet.


I've got a Cat5e cable going from the wall into the router. What is most strange to me is that if I hook my Actiontec back up and run a cable from the Actiontec's LAN port to the Archer A7's WAN, I can get 85 Mbps down and 70 or so is only when I take the Actiontec out of of the chain and go directly from the wall into the Archer A7 that the speed seems to get capped.


Is there any reason why this could be happening, or anything I could do to fix it? Does Verizon somehow know I am trying to replace their hardware and capping the speed (maybe a silly question)?



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First issue is did you release the dhcp on the Verizon router prior to hooking up your Archer? That should be done first.

secondly you have to do a router reset on the Archer to insure no settings are left over from previous use, if prior used.

third Verizon will not troubleshoot any routers not of their branding. So support can go from Verizon to your ont or from your ont to verizons propriety network.

i am going to assume the Archer as the Verizon router is set up for ethernet if I read correctly. So that should not be an issue. Also the speedtest at Verizon will not function with your supplied owned router, only their own.

you can test however at the Archers speed after setup.