Okay, I don't know if it's because I'm under a contract or because Fios is a better cable company, but these reps at your offices need some serious customer service training. No one is apologetic for THEIR mistakes, they talk to you as if you're a little child, and take back credits that was offered to me like 10 seconds ago! puts me on hold forever, never puts me through a "supervisor" and I don't know how it's okay to let customers hold for THAT LONG. I was on the phone for almost an hour, got a lady on the phone for about 35 mins and she did absolultely nothing to help me. The call was mostly dead air because she would do her "research".. after doing her "research"...whatever that is, she says that she can go ahead and credit me and tells me to hold on...and like 10 seconds later, she tells me.. well, we can't do anything for you. Really? I don't want to type up everything that has happened since I got my service, which was on January 14th but I'm having A LOT of problems with this company. I'm not sure if these reps are purposely putting me hold for a long time hoping that I'd give up .. which I did, because I can't hold on for someone that's NEVER going to pick up the phone. Does anyone even care? I've wasted my time and received no help in my situation! 


I had a very rude rep via internet chat named  Mary.  she was not helpful.   When I confronted her on something she wrote, she denied it then logged out quickly enough.     The people at Verizon can either make or break the company.   Their job is to work with customers and it seems that most of these people have trouble in doing this.

I think this company should provide more testing for the people they hire.  Maybe a stability and or depression testing. 

I signed a new contract and instantly, my bill went up.      If Verizon gives you a good deal somewhere, they sneak in the back door and get their money back.   It's all about the money and not about people anymore.


VERIZON FIOS tech support is really bad. 

1. they are {please keep your posts courteous} and impatient, don't understand the problem and don't even  try. Always refer to their speed test.  Is the speed test okay? well then it is not our problem. 

2. Business support is just same as consumer support. It is really bad that when the bottom line at stake. And they don't really care your problem. I am paying triple the money for nothing. 

3. I think they promised a lot of high speed to customers, but their equipment cannot keep up. Too many bottlenecks.  I cannot believe there is even bottleneck between FIOS customers with just only 3 hops.

4. Cannot escalte the issue. The dumb support is your last hope.

5. They do have NT (network technicians) but they are isolated, you cannot talke to them directly. All comments have to go through the front line support. and messages get lost, misunderstanding happens. and like to blame other things. the NT likes to throw the problem back at you for simple un-related reason without doing much research. 

I tell them, speed is slow, like FTP is slow, only getting 4kb/s, like telephone modem 20 years ago. 

they tell you, well, it is your ftp program issue. 

me: well, web is slow too,  

They: Must be your web server. 

me: mail is slow too. and mail got lost 

They: must be your imap mail server. 

me: It was working fine few weeks ago?

they:  must be your machine. Did you reboot? or get a new machine. 

me: Look at the 100% packet drop from traceroute.

they:  who is sending. 

me: from comcast customer.

they: Then it is COMCAST issue. 

me: I get same issue from a FIOS customer. 

they: Must be your machine. High level software issue. 

me: how come other FIOS do not have 100% packet loss when I traceroute them.

they: 100% does not mean anything.  Does not impact speed. 

That is the conversation I have been having. It is really frustrating.