VISS - same 2 computers for years, now McAfee says I have 6 licenses on a 3 license contract

I installed Windows 7.1 on the same desktop and laptop that I had XP and VISS on. VISS has worked just fine on each. Everything has been working smoothly (so far) on my laptop, but nothing but troubles on the desktop. Corrupt entries, did the McAfee fix with registry uninstall and reinstall. Still no good, missing files, won't update. Put in a NEW harddrive, Clean install with windows 7.1. and straight to Verizon to install VISS.  McAfee wouldn't update (virus and spyware out of date notice) Uninstall would not work at any time, MVT would not work,Site Adviser installation problems,(etc., etc.) so downloaded the McAfee file removal tool to remove files and after 3 tries of this (removing VISS and reinstalling), now it tells me I have to register / activate my account and when I try, it tells me I have to upgrade my package because I have 6 computers on my 3 computer account ( which has been registered, paid for and activated for years). I have only 2 computers, the same 2 as always on this account with Verizon.

OH yeah, and it is slower than tar in January.