VPN Issues with Network Drives

Have Fios Internet at the house, with the Quantum Router.

Have SonicWall VPN for connecting to the office.

On Wifi, when first connecting thru the VPN, my mapped network drives are always unavailable.  No big deal, figured out that if I opened Windows Explorer, and typed in the full path (\\server\folder) once or twice, I could force a 'reconnect'.

Recently ran a new ethernet connection, cause I wanted to take advantage of being hardwired.  Now when I log onto the VPN, and try my old workaround for reconnecting those pesky network drives, it doesn't work.

Based on some research here on the forums, i decided to try and change the DNS range from to something else.  Did that, but no change in behavior - when i'm hardwired in, and VPN into the office, i can not reach any network shares.

Any advice?

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Community Leader
Community Leader

It's probably a setting in your VPN software.  Since you changed network interfaces, it is likely using different settings.  Look for a setting that allows local network traffic.