VPN Randomly Drops when on WIFI

I have a G3100 and 2 ES3200 extenders in my home. All connected with coax and I have noticed lately on my two ES3200 extenders that there is something new going on.

  • My work laptop is now suddenly dropping  vpn connectivity (F5) 
  • Each extender has a PS5 plugged in with cat5.  Lately both PS5's when turned on take about a minute or two to quire an IP from their perspective extender.
  • Work IT said my laptop and drivers are fine and I dont drop VPN connections on any other wifi device. They recomended add a cat5 cable from my work laptop directly to the extender.

Well.. my vpn connection has been totally fine hardwired.. My question- I never had this issue before until two weeks ago.  I have rebooted all my verizon devices.  Was there a firmware update pushed on the ES3200's recently?  Is there maybe some power saving feature thats now enabled.   Side note- no other laptop or wireless device is dropping connections.. Just a laptop running a work VPN.

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