VPN issues with Actiontec

So, apparently, Actiontec routers are notorious for this kind of thing.

I'm messing around with a VPN, which I *mostly* want for travel, but I'd also like to use it at home at least some of the time.

The problem is that it's dropping and then immediately reconnecting about every twenty minutes. I'm using a Mac, and I excepted it from the device firewall. I'm suspecting the issue is the router security settings.

My provider suggested a hugely complex manual OpenVPN setup, I'm hoping there's a simple fix somewhere in the router. I can't drop the router firewall because I have an antique on the network that can't run the VPN, and also because there will likely be times when I won't want to use it for various reasons.

I've heard to put the machine in the DMZ, but I don't know how to do so correctly and reliably and make sure it's the correct machine. And that also does commit me to running the VPN constantly on this system.


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