VPN when connected wirelessly to my router
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I'll not able to connect to my company's VPN (Cisco VPN Client) when my laptop is connected wirelessly to my home network, but it works just fine when I connect through an ethernet cable.  (To clarify, the VPN window says that I'm connected, but I'm not "fully" connected where I can access shared drives, update virus softwware, etc.).  Any idea how to fix this.  The signal strength is good and I'm in close proximity to the router.  Thanks.

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Re: VPN when connected wirelessly to my router
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since you didn't specify which router you are using, i can only answer in general terms.  in a router each connection method; wired, 2.4 or 5.0 can have various rules applied to it.  it's possible such a rule is in effect for wireless but not wired.  someone familier with your router's firmware could investigate this.  i would also mention this problem to the it dept you company vpn for - it's possible they bundled that client with more connectiviy restrictions than you expected for reasons only they can explain.  if i was your it manager, and i didn't want you to access the home office network from starbucks, i might have done something about it.