VSS and Port Access


I have Verizon Internet Security and I have created a rule in the Port And System Services dropdown to allow an application from my ipad to not be blocked. Unfortunately, I am having difficulty with this rule to work properly. It is still being blocked!

Also, I even went into the admin settings of my wireless modem/router(Actiontec GT704WGB) to apply the same rule for the same port range as an additional measure.

Is there something I am missing? If I turn off my firewall completely, the application works..but what is the point of having the ability to create the rule and having to turn off the firewall.

I will say I didnt have this complicated issue with my westell wireless modem until I got this new actiontec modem, but I did reach out to Actiontec and they say its a firewall issue.

I would appreciate any assistance with this issue.