VZ Internet GatewayARC-XCI55AX and LTE Internet

I have the gateway I just got listed in the title and everything has been working well except for the gateway being stuck in the Pacific Time Zone.  It will not come out of that time zone no matter what I've tried.  I've manually set the time in the gateway even though it is showing the correct time zone in the settings, unfortunately it is not in the correct time zone.  I live in Southern AZ and we do not change time here so I should be in Mountain or AZ time.  I have linked several devices to include my phone to the gateway and everytime I do it puts all my devices in the Pacific time zone, unlink them and I go back to AZ time.  I also still have my original wifi Internet service for a couple more weeks which I never had a time zone issue with and when I disconnect the new gateway and go back to that old service, all of my devices are back to the correct time zone.  This is a problem since I only live stream all of my TV watching.  I use a Roku and have the time zone settings correct on that also before anyone asks.  But as soon as I go into any of the TV station apps they are all now in the Pacific time zone which throws everything for me off by an hour or more and on top of that for my local news station all I now get is Las Vegas, NV stations as I guess that is where their gateway is routing off of!  I do not want to watch Las Vegas, NV stations, I live in Southern AZ, I want to watch Tucson, AZ stations!  Is anyone else having this issue?  I have already changed the gateway out for a new one and it didn't change things.  No one at Verizon has been able to help me, their techs know nothing about their routers!  I was on the phone for 4 hours with them, 3 different people, went to 2 different stores and still nothing.  I can't be the only one in AZ having this issue!  Please someone help because if Verizon doesn't get this fixed I won't be keeping this gateway and using their Internet.  If anyone here in the community has any suggestions please let me know.

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