Vent: Service cancelled three times

I signed up for Fios September 1st. I rented a modem and subsequently purchased a used modem.

I called 5 times to request a return kit be sent to me so I could return the modem that I was renting. The kit never arrived.

The sixth time I called the support representative told me to just go to a store. So in November I took my equipment in and returned it there. When I got home I discovered that my service had been cancelled.

I then spent an hour on the phone with Customer Support, and had to create a brand new account with new billing details and all. Fine, done. All's good, right?

Fast forward to today. My service is cancelled, AGAIN. I had a tech appointment scheduled that I requested be canceled, since, I had already had a tech come out in September and everything was working fine.

Two hours of being on hold, calls, and I finally have a new, THIRD, account. This in the middle of a workday for which being without internet came at an incredibly bad time.

I am hugely frustrated with Verizon right now. Not their service - I've been satisfied with my Internet, and not their customer support - when you can get them on the phone, they're helpful. No, it's this Kafka-esque scenario of getting my service cancelled every two months and knowing I'll have to waste hours of my life going through the same every time!!!

Verizon, I pay you every month, via Autopay. Why do you keep cancelling my service and wasting my time?