Verizon CR1000A router download 900+ mbps hardwired to Eero Pro 6E download 150 Mbps???
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Hi everyone, 

Im having an issue where my Fios router ( C1000a ) is downloafing speeds of 900+ mbps using the my Fios app, but my hardwired Eero pro 6e is only download about 150 mbps using the eero app.  Again the Eero is hardwired into port 1 on the back of the Fios router.  I do pay Verizon for their 1gb internet package.

I did contact eero about the issue but they seem to think its a problem on Verizons end to where the router is blocking the eero from recieving its full downloafing speeds.  The eero rep emailed me a list of things to mention to the Fios rep when calling.  I will quote them here… 

"  This is the information you will need to forward over to your Internet Provider. They may have to "whitelist" the MAC address of the eero. Below, I will list the eeros you will need to have cleared for internet access.
Check with your Internet provider on why the eero is not getting the full speed directly from the Fiber Gateway device. We are getting consistent speed test results averaging around 150mbps and more so on the low ends. This is a hardline speed test connection. 
Is there a DNS setting or IP setting that must be set on the eero side so that the two devices can communicate effectively?
Are the settings on the Fiber Gateway device optimized to work in tandem with the eero?
Is there a Bridge mode / IP Passthrough for the Fiber Gateway device?
More than just 1 device are reporting this same issue while being connected directly to the Fiber Gateway.

Alex | Eero Support  "

The verizon rep then insisted id call another number cause they could not help.  To my shocking suprise it was assurion expert care.  I read to the rep the email that the eero rep sent me.  She stated she could help but i would have to pay for a subscription of $25 a month.  I fealt clueless and helpless.  I already pay for verizons 1gb service and use the new router supplied by verizon.  Why is the router blocking me from the full speed.  I couldnt understand.  I have no control or answers to any of it.  I fealt taken advantage of.  If i wanted to get what i already pay for and to fix the issue… i would need to pay more to get me there, evenly monthly.  Im still shocked and left helpless.   Can anyone help or recommend what to try?  I do know how to access the routers settings thru google chrome but dont want to make things worse.  Thank you in advance.  Sorry for the long post.

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