Verizon Cancelled Order for Renewal as Agreed - BBB or Arbitration?
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Just asking the community for advice on what is the best method to handle a customer complaint as I have dealt with 8 representatives (2 alleged Supervisors) with no resolution. I was told a Managerof the Supervisor would contact me back within 48 hours - that did not occur. Also, each representative contends that there is no record of anything being escalated on my account as the previous reps had told me. A summary of my situation is below:

1. Offered a 2 year renewal deal by Frank, a chat representative, on 7/30 - told him I would review and get back to him if interested.

2. Considered the offer and went back to chat to accept the next day, 7/31. Maria found the deal and forwarded me the qoute in email for review. It was as discussed so I told her I wanted to proceed. She sent me a link to accept. In order to get all of the discounts I had to sign up for Auto Pay - so I did that as well. Finally the process was finished and it said Congratulations you can begin watching on the Fios App immediately (which didn't matter since I already had service.)

3. The renewal included an upgrade in internet speed that required a Tech visit to install. She scheduled the appointment for 8/6 between 8-9am. That was accepted by me as well.

4. The day after the order, on 8/1, I received a email from Verizon stating the order wasn't complete please call immediately. I spent 44 minutes waiting for a representative that stated she couldn't find any previous order, but would be more than happy to offer me the same service - but for more money since that deal no longer exists. I asked her why the order didn't go through and she said it was probably a system glitch. After she reviewed the copy of the actual qoute in my email she said she would get the issue fix and call me back in 2 hours. 

5. No call back was ever received. However, the representative entered a 2 year renewal on my account for an even higher price without a qoute or my consent.

6. I called the customer service line back to resolve. However, after 1 hour and 20 minutes on hold, I decided to try chat again.

7. I was able to get a chat representative on the line, Joshua. At first it was the same song and dance (couldn't find the original order, no such qoute exists, no offer in that amount is available, etc.) Once he was presented with the original qoute and the appointment setup by Maria he changed his handling of the situation. He said he absolutely sees what happenend, it was probably a system glitch that could be rectified - but needed to be escalated to the "Support Team" for resolution. He assured me the situation would most definately be handled. He also cancelled the other order the rep had entered without my consent and the original Tech visit.

8. I recieved a text from Verizon on 8/2 wanting me to confirm the Tech appointment on 8/6 (which I was told was cancelled). So, once again I contact Verizon via chat to ensure the visit was cancelled.  This representative assured by the appointment was cancelled and no order was pending. I asked him what the status of my escalated complaint was and he apologized and said no such tickets for any further action on my account existed, but he would be more than happy to offer a 2 year renewal for a higher price. The same back and forth went on again and I asked to talk to his supervisor who offered no assistance what so ever. At the end, he said the same thing as the rep Joshua, this situation would most definately be resolved (with no additional information).

9.  I immediately ended the chat and called Verizon customer service. Same story and another offer for a higher priced 2 year renewal. Asked to be transferred to a supervisor. The supervisor finally admitted that the original order was completed properly by me, but was cancelled by Verizon because it was reviewed and the discount deemed to be to great! She said nothing could be done. I asked for her manager due to the numerous issues with how Verizon had worked this account. She said she would put in the request and assured I would receive a call back in 24-48 hours. 

10. No call back was ever received. However, on 8/6, the Verizon tech arrived at my home at 8:00am (on time Kudos to him) even though I was assured the appointment was cancelled. He couldn't leave without me talking to his manager. I waiting and received a call from his manager and she apologized and the appears to have been handled. 


So, here I am. I acted in good faith by accepting the offer presented by Verizon, providing addition personal information (bank account, etc.) for the discounts and spending over 6 hours of my personal time to continue this relationship to no avail.

Any advice from the community is most welcomed. I am very disppointed that it has come to this, but I feel I have no other course of action available since Verizon is either unable or unwilling to follow up with me. I have all texts, emails, chats and phone conversation records that I think the BBB or Arbiter would need. Thanks in advance!

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Hi DCcust,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.