Verizon Customer Service and the associated Email and Web support are useless
After 30 hours with Verizon Support they finally issued a credit for $64 and placed a new order for DSL service.

Dear Customer Care,
  • I then contacted Version via email.  It directed me to a web page that allows 70 characters of text! 
Saurav : Chat ID for this session is 06020951779.
  • I just received a call from one of your techs saying he has a service order to disconnect the DSL service on my business line.  
  • My business line is the line that DSL service was originally ordered for and the correct line that DSL was to be installed on.
  • When the service was initially scheduled I discovered Verizon messed up the original order and used my home phonein spite of specifically telling Verizon I need DSL installed on my business line and having the order information properly repeated back to me.
  • My wife called Verizon and informed Customer Care of the error. A new order was created by Verizon for my business line to correct the problem and reflect the order I originally requested .
  • My wife was informed by Verizon that the original order for our home phone had been canceled and given confirmation: K1788039
  • I received a Verizon bill for both lines.  The original order was not canceled and is still unresolved!
  • I called Verizon back.  After several minutes your automated system hung up on me.
  • I chatted with a Verizon Service Rep.   After an hour I was informed a new order had been placed to correct the billing problem.
  • My DSL went dead right in the middle of the chat session. My existing DSL on my business line was disconnected instead of correcting the billing error.
  • To obtain Internet service I had to connect the DSL Modem to our home phonewhich is not provisioned with filters for DSL.  There are several phones on this line.  Every time the phone rings, I am disconnected.

V: Please contact our Billing Department
at 800-567-6789 and they will check all your order and account information our Billing Department will check all your account information and resolve the issue for you.
Me: Can you forward my request to the correct departments?
V: I really apologize for it however, we do not have the authorized to forward any request to our Billing Department.
Me: Great Customer Service setup!
15:47:38 This session is transferred to Stephanie.
V: It will be necessary for you to speak directly with our DSL Service Center at (800) 567-6789.
  • I was then advised to contact DSL Service Center at (800) 567-6789 an automated response system that does not address my needs and once again disconnected me.
  • I called back and spoke with Ivan.  Ivan informed me Verizon is going to disconnect my only working DSL line and that it would take some time to reconnect my business line.
  • I told Ivan every thing Verizon does to correct the problems makes the problems worse
  • Ivan told me he will try to stop the disconnect.
  • Mishawki told me I need to place another order for my business lineMishawki then transferred me to Angela in Home Phone Support.
  • If I receive a bill for three lines I am going to charge Verizon for my time to date.! 
  • Why was I transferred to Angela in Home Phone Support for a DSL problems?  I asked Angela in Home Phone Support to speak with a DSL Supervisor.
  • Rachael gathered information for the DSL Supervisor ANU.
  • I finally Spoke with Anu the DSL supervisor who told me the billing would be corrected and that I need to reorder DSL for my business line.
  • I informed ANU that my business is dependent on Internet and that I cannot be without DSL service or it will put me out of business.
  • ANU told me she would put me in contact with her best people to resolve these issues.
  • It is now after 6 PM and I have spent two days accomplishing nothing with Verizon Support
  • Perry in Sales took my new order and will call 9 AM 6/3/2009
  • Perry did not call as promised
  • I checked billing and it appears nothing has changed.
  • Called Version back and spoke with Carlos in Sales IDZ073889 Direct Line 1888 482-8122
  • Carlos will place a new order for DSL on my business line for activation on June 8th
  • Carlos transferred me to DSL Billing and I  got them to transfer me to Ajin a DSL Supervisor.
  • Ajin transfered me to Tilkit in billing, but ignored my request to speak to someone further up in management.
  • Tulkit listened to my problem and after over an hour of arguing finally issued me a credit for $64.13
  • I have now spoken to over 40 people at Verizon to correct an installation error and correct the erroneous billing.
  • I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating it is when every attempt to correct Verizon's original mistake provides another opportunity for Verizon to make the situation worse!


Current Verizon status: 

  • DSL Connected and operating on my home phone the wrong line.
  • No DSL service on my business line the correct line.
  • My Verizon bill continues to reflect charges for two DSL lines and now three accounts.
  • Verizon tech is scheduled to disconnect the jumper for my business line the correct line on 6/3/2009.  He called to coordinate.  Finally someone that has their act together. Called again ready to go on his side.

Re: Verizon Customer Service and the associated Email and Web support are useless
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Typical for V, and awful beyond any descriptor I can use in public.   The only reason I stay is that they're cheaper than cable.