Verizon DSL issues between 8pm and 10:30pm (Central PA)

For the last 2 weeks I have not had internet between 7:30/8pm to around 10:00/10:30pm. I have a solid connection all day and between these times I have little to no internet (somtimes a page loads other times it dont). It is getting very old that my kids can watch netflix and youtube all day but when they go to bed Im stuck staring at a blank screen because there is no internet. 

My network setup is a TP-Link Archer C-8 with DD-WRT firmware and a D-link DSL-520B modem in bridge mode and am 100% sure its on verizons end as I do not run any parental controls to block the internet at certain times.

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Community Leader
Community Leader

Does the DSL light on your modem blink during these periods? Also, have you seen speed issues in the past with your DSL, especially at night with the service slowing down when nothing else is using the Internet in your home?