Verizon DSL with access to MSN not working

I  use Verizon DSL for my Inet connection and have a link to MSN, to get to my MSN hotmail and contacts.  Suddenly today, 8/15/12, I was unable to access my MSN hotmail nor get to my contacts.  I do not know the cause of this but it may be related to 12 windows downloads that hit my PC this PM.  I have tried calling Verizon, who referred me to MSN, and MSN will not talk to me because I do not have an account with them [although I do have a hotmail account with them.  Does anyone have any idea as to how I can get the link reactivated on my Verizon account?  I have spent over 2 hours on the telephone this evenng and got no where!!

Re: Verizon DSL with access to MSN not working
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Verizon retired their branding with MSN/Hotmail months ago. What you're seeing may be due to this if your Verizon account was tied to Hotmail as a part of a service bundle.

Log into: using your Verizon username and password and see where it takes you. If you're using Verizon mail it should take you right to Verizon's own system. If not, it should redirect you to Yahoo!, AOL, or MSN based on where your account is now.

The Windows updates for your computer do not have anything to do with the lack of access to the services if you are able to access their main web pages (login,, etc).

If however you have a normal Hotmail account with them, what errors are you receiving when you try to open your mail? Any server errors, any timeouts, or anything else of that nature?