Verizon Executives Try to Obtain My Comments on Their Performance -- And Fail

Internet was down most of this afternoon because of the weather.  Verizon customer service representatives and their automated helper failed miserably to detect an area-wide outage.  Instead they had me jump through flaming hoops trying this and that all of which failed.  Eventually Internet service was restored and would have been had I done nothing more than notify Verizon that my Internet was out.  Power cycling the equipment did not help.  Sticking a "paper clip" in the hole on the back of the router did not help.  Verizon executives claimed to want my opinion of how fantastic is the job they are doing.  I tried to answer in full but they gave me only 200 characters in which to do it.  I would like to return to the executives the contempt executives have for me as a paying customer.

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