Verizon Extender

So I just upped the speed of FIOS to the Gigabyte plan.  The technician came out and installed the new router and ran some new lines.  The old router was placed in the basement and worked flawlessly providing sufficient wifi signal throughout the house.  This new router, however, has limited reach and I am likely in need of adding an extender to ensure better wifi coverage.

I am looking at getting the Verizon extender and it appears it can be added via both an ethernet cable or coax cable.  I do remember the tech telling me that if I run coax to the extender, I would be limited to the amount of data transmitted to something like 400mb?  Would ethernet allow for replicating the gig speed to the extender?  I can run some ethernet pretty easily to a spot on the first floor that would be perfect, but if I am not able to take advantage of the full gig speed, it may not be worth it.  

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.  Thanks for reading and I look forward to your response.

Re: Verizon Extender

As long as your extender can handle gigabyte speed (Verizon is 940/880) as their up to claim and you are using Ethernet you should get better than 400 speeds. But look at the extenders specs and look at the ratings.

normally extenders even high end ones unless as a direct connect will obtain half of the listed speeds under WiFi and the specs should tell you how the speeds depending on what is connected to it will obtain in real world use.

just google the extender to see what others have obtained.

Good Luck