Verizon FIOS 2 yr Packages & Rates
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 I have been a customer for 16+ years. My current 2 yr agreement has expired and looking at other options. I have received 4 different quotes from Verizon FIOS customer service for the same breakout. I was sent a quote via email only to be told later that it was incorrect and should not have been offered. Note that adding even 1 new box will cause all prices of all equipment & services to go up (even if you don't touch your current equip. or svcs). What? You cannot add or change 1 item without impacting all others (only a supervisor knew this by the way). Also FIOS no longer provides promotions for Movie channels with their Triple play. You have to add everything in separately. Bottom line is they want you to lock in for 2 years and pay  MORE for the same equipment, the same DVR services but without Movie channels (I was getting both Showtime & HBO).  You should be ashamed Verizon FIOS!!