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My Verizon FIOS plan says the lease type is "dynamic", yet everytime I turn the box on and off, I still have the same IP address. Before, when I just had regular DSL, my IP address would change everytime I powered the box on and off. Is there a way to keep this setting with FIOS? Especially without having to pay extra money or sign up with something else? I think I read that I have to switch from DHCP to PPpoe, not sure how true this is, or what it means. Any help is appreciated.
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When FiOS first became available the connection was always PPPoE. Later Verizon switched to using DHCP. But most or all of us that were initially PPPoE are still that way (I still am). But all new connections are DHCP, so I don't think there is any chance of getting switched to PPPoE.

As to getting a new IP address with DHCP: you get an IP address for a specific "lease" time. When the time expires, a new lease is requested. When that happens, nearly always you will get the same address because the process happens so quickly there is very little chance that another request would come in during that time. But it can happen.....

From what I have heard, the best thing to do is turn off the router for an extended period of time, like overnight. That will give you a much greater chance of getting a different IP address.

Just curious, why do you want to get a different IP address? Or have I mis-interpreted your statement and you actually want to have a static IP address? If you want to have a static address, I think you have to get a business account, and that is a lot more money. 

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One thing to note is if you are looking for a static address because you need to be able to reach a device inside your home you can subscribe to a dynamic dns service such as DYNDNS.  You would then enter your credentials into the Actiontec router.  This way you can use the same name to connect to a device inside your home and if the IP address changes, dyndns will automatically update it for you.