Verizon FIOS intermittent connection drops

My FIOS internet connection is getting disconnected for 2-4 seconds 20-25 times a day.  I called customer support several times, 5 or 6 times technicians came to my home.  They simply changed everything except the cable from the outside box to my router. However, the problem still remains unsolved. The last tech came to my home on 10/07/2011, he saw everything, printed system log, promised to call me back with a solution. I left two messages for him, no reply yet.

I believe, my issue is due to a faulty PON card. I am a day trader, this is giving me a lot of trouble, many times I am unable to make a trade at the price I want.  Can someone suggests me what should I do?


Re: Verizon FIOS intermittent connection drops
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Hi Matt -- I'm sorry for the internet troubles.  I sent you a message to get some more information about the ongoing issues.  Please get back to me when you're able.  Thanks!