Verizon FiOS MoCA Actiontec WCB6200Q network password
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Hello, I used to be a Verizon customer in Virginia. However, I have moved to North Carolina (AT&T territory). I bought the Verizon router (G1100) and Verizon network extender (WCB6200Q). I use MoCA in my home but it seems that I cannot connect the WCB6200Q over coax, it appears due to Verizon using a network password. The management page does not provide the ability to view the MoCA network password or change it. However, the Actiontec support page for this indicates that it can be enabled (network password) and changed.

page 3: "Network Password Protected"

See: page 21 (20 shown).

I would like to use the network extender as a repeater over coax. How can I do this? Either I can change all the passwords on my MoCA devices to that of the Verizon device, or is there a way to access the ability to change the password? Furthermore, is there a way to get the OEM version of firmware (not Verizon-branded). I know that this is probably not supported due to needing to keep the network simple, but there's really no good reason to use a MoCA password, especially with a MoCA block on the egress coax line (if, say, using cable modem).


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It is a MoCA Privacy Password. It should be disabled by default unless someone next door wants to steal your Internet if you have a shared Coaxial pathway to the neighbors.

You can disable the MoCA Privacy Password on G1100 and WCB6200Q. I highly doubt this is the issue. Most likely than not, there's an incompatible coax splitter somewhere along the path blocking the MoCA signal.