Verizon Fios DOES NOT have it's customer's backs!

I just moved to a new apartment (and am also new to New York). I know my timing is horrible, since we are dealing with COVID-19. 

I moved to a building that is only wired for Verizon Fios (HUGE MISTAKE). The previous tenant in my apartment left their router and everything is hooked up. I immediately thought that this should be an easy transition considering everthing is already installed. Boy, was I wrong. 

Verizon ran my credit twice and the customer service representative I have been working with has gone back and forth with telling me that there's nothing they can do, they're working on it, and I will be able to self-install soon. Literally everyday, she has a different answer. 

So, I am here, alone, in my new apartment with no wifi, working off of my hotspot on my phone, and running out of data. Can anyone out there help?

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Community Leader

You're mostly talking to other users here.  Try reaching them via Twitter support or

Good Luck.