Verizon Fios Installation NO SHOW
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I am furious right now as I had ordered Fios and had an installation scheduled today. They called, not once, but twice to confirm and I was told to expect them at my house from 8am to 12pm. It is now 5pm and no one showed up. I even took a day off and rearranged my schedule to be here. How can a reputable company like Verizon make an appointment to do something, and not show up? I do not expect this from a major provider and it is both DISGUSTING and absolutely UNACCEPTABLE. Upon calling the customer service center, they offered to reschedule but what good is a reschedule if I can't trust you? After all I got as good as a guarantee that they were going to come today and no phone call, no doorbell ring, no attempt was made. I don't know what kind of **bleep** show you're running but this is appalling. Needless to say I will tell my family and friends of this experience. It does not matter if you offer good packages when you have a sure customer and can't do something as simple as INSTALLING THE **bleep** THING. 

Re: Verizon Fios Installation NO SHOW
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Have you rebooked the installation?

Re: Verizon Fios Installation NO SHOW
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This also happened to me. I had an install appointment which I made almost 2 months in advance so it would fall on a particular day off. Verizon called to confirm the day before and said they would arrive at my house between 8AM and 12PM. I figured since I had made the appt so far in advance I would be the first appt of the day. When they hadn't shown up by 9 I decided to check the Verizon web site and boy, I'm glad I did. It was there that I saw my appt had been CANCELLED, for no apparent reason!! No call, nothing. Just a notation on their web site under my new account. I called and after waiting forever got a human, who told me the tech had been unable to reach me to confirm (not true!) and that they could reschedule my appt for another day. This was in July and I am STILL kicking myself for what I did next: I told the rep I would cancel my order for FiOS if Verizon didn't send someone out to install it TODAY as scheduled and no later. I wasn't about to take another day off and wait around for Verizon again. The rep called a supervisor and managed to get a promise that a tech would come out to my house no later than 3PM that same day. The tech came (at 4:00), rushed through the install and left me with FiOS. THIS is why I'm still kicking myself in November. I stupidly agreed to a 2-year contract and now I am stuck with FiOS until 2015 unless I pay a HUGE early cancellation fee. I'll put it simply: I MISS COMCAST!! The only good thing about FiOS is their good picture, other than that they are inferior to Comcast in every way: VOD content, customer service, mobile apps, their web site, I could go on but I don't want to sound like a whiner, LOL. Do yourself a BIG favor and don't let Verizon reschedule your install appt. Just walk away. I wish I had.