Verizon Fios Installation - late/no show

Hello. I recently decided to switch from Optimum to Fios. I went on VZ website, put my address in, and selected the slowest speed internet available, which, in my case, was Fios 300Mb. Schedules installation for next available day,  1-3 pm window. I got home from work  at 2:30pm, anticipating the tech would be there around 3. Tech, Michael, didnt arrive until 4:30pm. After a short look around he said he couldnt do the install because the Fios line wasnt run to the house. After a conversation with his office he said he would be back on Wednesday at 10 am and he will get it all done.

Today is Wednesday, and, right now its 11:15 am. I have no notifications that the appointment was even scheduled, and no one to call. If Michael is not here by 12, im going to work, and im probably not going through with getting Fios if they wont even bother to respect my time. Thankfully I didnt cancel optimum yet. Get it together, Verizon. 

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Re: Verizon Fios Installation - late/no show
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