Verizon Fios Sales Rep Full of Lies

I don't understand how a sales representative can lie and have no repercussions. Aside from the aggressive sales tactics, he obviously oversold and told me things that were outright lies. I only switched to fios because he said he could guarantee the better promo rate for the internet only plan for $39.99 but that came with an install fee of $99. I told the rep that I was not willing to switch unless he would waive the fee and he said that if I signed up for their $79.99 promo which included free installation that I would be able to downgrade to the $39.99 plan after the install as "that is what people do all the time; just call in and they will take care of that for you". So I called to downgrade my plan, and to no big surprise even after talking to a supervisor there is nothing they are willing to do to get me into the 39.99 plan that I initially wanted to try. Even after talking to the supervisor and I told him that a sales representative outright lied to me, the supervisor had no response nor seemed to care. Again, how can a representative lie and the company just not care? I cannot even voice how disappointed I am right now. Attempts to reach the sales representative have gone unanswered to my surprise.

So if you like a bunch a lies spread by sales representatives and people unwilling to help you after you sign up, this one is for you.

Re: Verizon Fios Sales Rep Full of Lies
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Hi randomuser,

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