Verizon Fios Unstable Network Connection

I've been having some internet instability since 7/14/22. It occurs with wired and wireless. Internet doesn't go completely down but sometimes it seems like I lose connection. I have a gig plan and I had bad upload speed. Once I disabled ipv6, the upload speed went back to what it was. I've talked to many support agents and technicians but no one could figure out the issue. Support agents believe it may be a hardware issue and technicians believe it may be a software issue. Here are things that I've done:

  • Replaced the router to CR1000a

  • Replaced ONT/ Backup battery

  • Relocated the router/ONT to a different room

  • Disabled ipv6 support on router

  • Disabled TCP and UDP IPv6 Checksum Offloading on PC

  • Ethernet cable is cat6
  • Hardwired from PC to ONT but problem still occurring

What problem occurs:

  • Discord will disconnect from voice call and reconnect on its own- Some games will disconnect me such as Minecraft or Overwatch.

  • If I'm on Youtube, sometimes it will say "Connect to internet" when internet is still up. If I instantly refresh, it loads again.

  • Sometimes websites just stuck loading but if refreshed, it will most likely load the website

I have the 1 Gb plan and I'm still trying to fix the issue as we had smooth internet before 7/14/2022.

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