Verizon Internet Security Suite
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I have had the Verizon INternet Security Suite active on my account since 4/04/2012. I have been unable to download it, because veery time it searches for incompatible products I get this: I currently have my firewall disabled, have uninstalled and thoroughly removed all anti-spyware, and restarted my computer NUMEROUS times. 

This is where it gets aggrivating- I have called, e-mailed, and live chatted Verizon over five times. The first time, I was connected to someone who COULD NOT undertstand me, and who proceeded to use the screen sharing. I normally wouldn't have minded, but then, they clicked on an ADVERTISEMENT DOWNLOAD BUTTON, the most ROOKIE MISTAKE EVER KNOWN, and downloaded spyware on to my computer!

Several times after this I have tried contacting Verizon, with the same results of someone trying to Screen Share after I have CLEARLY stated I will not screen share because I do not want BUCKSBEE downloaded on my computer again, as well as other malicious and invasive spyware.

Just a few minutes ago, live chatted with someone who had a callback sent to me. The phone service on their line was so soft, I couldn't hear very well, and had to go into the quietest room with my laptop. They then proceeded to HANG UP ON ME without getting me anywhere.

I'm obviously disgusted with my service. I have yet to be connected with a fluent English speaker who can actually help me.

Maybe someone here can actually provide some insight.