Verizon Price

I was chat with Irwin and Hef about upgrade my internet. I told them the verzion website is offer same price as I am now. They stated the website have errors so not able to offer that price.   Please becareful with Verizon doing the busines to existing customer.


Re: Verizon Price

Your gif image is not showing yet. However Verizon does not give lower pricing to existing customers unless they care to tussle with them.

Verizon Fios services are not uniformly applied across all the service areas.

this is due to not having competition in some areas, versus over abundance of competitors in other areas.

the price is not the same from web site to web site. Calling will get you non online ordering discounts (install fee) and you may not get the service discounts.

you also don’t need to be in a contract so if a sales droid says you need to be they are lying to make a sale.

when I obtained service the two live people in my home did not want to proceed without a two year contract, said it was required.(they lied)

while here I went online and placed an order. No Verizon router, 2 discounts, no contract, no install fee and the confirmations came almost instantly.

never use online or on the phone sales people. Go to the do it yourself order page for Fios.

If in a contract end period and want renewal you can either say Cancel service at the phone prompt and you may get a good deal. Don’t take a contract.

or look at cable internet and services for 60 days and get new customer pricing from Fios over higher prices now.