Verizon Technician - No Show

I simply needed Verizon to reactivate my service...they told me that they’d be at my house between 11-3, I set aside 4 hours to wait for a technician...3 hours into my wait I receive a text saying the technician is on his way...that was 1.5 hours ago! 5 hours later and no technician!!! Then I got a text saying he was delayed!

whosr going to pay for my time?!

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Community Leader

You're talking to other users here.  If you want a response from Verizon, you'll have to contact them.

Even during normal times, Verizon installers sometimes get delayed.  I've never heard of Verizon compensating people for missed / late appointments.

Good Luck.


No one is going to pay you for that time. There is a virus epidemic out there and if verizon is able to make installs they will try.

in fact the government has stated to stay home so unless you work from home and that is the reason for your post you will have to make concessions under troubling times.