Verizon Wireless Hotspots
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Am able to use the wireless hotspots with my cell phone? Must it be a laptop? Is there a work around/? I hope this turns out better than my In Home Agent Support.Smiley Very Happy

Re: Verizon Wireless Hotspots

If you're talking about the Verizon WiFi that you get for being a Verizon Internet user, then no.  doesn't currently work on cells.

Check your Laptop

  • When you register for Verizon Wi-Fi, we'll help you check to see if your laptop meets our system requirements.
  • Verizon Wi-Fi is not available for PDAs, phones, desktop PCs or Macs.
  • Most late-model laptops have wireless capability, but if yours doesn't, you'll need to buy a wireless card.

that would be a great suggestion for the "Share Your Ideas with Verizon" forum