Verizon - can you hear me?

Hi Verizon,

Most of all brand new houses were set up with Coxial cable to run the internet with Verizon Fios.  Now, we cannot upgrade to 1GB internet because we only have Coxial cable.  Verizon has to do ugly wiring or drill a hole to the wall to get cat5 ethernet cable on a brand new house! No one wants to drill a hole in their brand new house. Our house needs to look clean!

Can you guys FIGURE out how to allow Customers with brand new house to use Coxial cable to connect to 1GB like Comcast? I have been with Verizon for many years, please dont lose me to Comcast because my friends will follow.

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Depending on the installer, it may be possible to drill just one small hole to where the ONT will connect to your router. The whole house will not be drilled.

in our home we had just purchased new siding and windows and the installer placed the one drill hole in such a way that it was hidden and then ran the ethernet along the baseboard of the room I wanted it installed in.

there are little paintable tracks which can be run along a baseboard to hide the ethernet. 

Where there is a will there is a way.

Re: Verizon - can you hear me?
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Comcast uses a different architecture than Verizon.

So their coax can support higher speeds.

As stated, only one thing needs to happen.

You need to be able to run an ethernet cable from the location of the ONT to your router.

You can find a local electrician to do the job instead of FIOS tech. They usually have more experience and can find ways to run new cables they are all but invisible.

I'm surprised more new homes are being wired for ethernet.

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I was shocked when I saw that this posting was this year, 2018. Not sure where you live, but I think your builder is pretty much way behind the times. In our neighborhood in Northern Virginia, the builder built these houses in 2004 and used coax as well as ethernet to all major rooms in the house. Sounds like your builder went cheap or they did not offer you options for ethernet. In any event, you could run ethernet yourself to the router or buy mesh type wireless devices like Eero and have your internet provided wirelessly.

Coax was probably installed by the builder just to handle cable providers who have old technology and run their low speed network over coax to your house. I'd suggest a mesh network where you have one unit connected to the Verizon router via short ethernet cable, then have the other units placed around the house depending on how large the house is. The mesh network units then talk to each other to send the signals around as needed. Check out Eero by doing a Google search. I have been quite impressed and use that instead of the Verizon Fios router for wireless (I turn off the wireless option in the router settings and only use it for coax tv and to plug Eero into the ethernet port). Easy to do.