Verizon charges extra tax!

Hi all,

I am trying to understand what is going on!

I recently moved and get new verizon service, initally I recieved their own modem (router) + extender, which they had charged 259.98, after a day later, I installed my own modem + extender and trying to return their devices, which I sent 10 business days ago, which they say they have not recieved it, the service that I am getting $69.99, and I am getting $10 discount. however they are charging me $21.20 tax. I have never seen in anywhere $59.99 has $21.20 tax! 

I tried to talk on the phone with a person, she said talk with your local government! this tax is auto generated, it is correct! she didn't let me talk with her manager as well, now I have to end up yaing $21 extra tax! I cannot believe how bad verizon's agents are!

Can someone explain to me, what is going on?


Re: Verizon charges extra tax!
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I'm guessing that the taxes are split out.

What are the labelled as?

Some local governments are tacking on taxes to Internet service as a money raise.
They used to tax phone lines, but as people are removing them, they have to make up the money somewhere.

Re: Verizon charges extra tax!

Well you actually have two issues here.

first when you purchase the router and the extender verizon normally will not take them back unless defective. Its an easy fix in that you call your credit card company and file a dispute with full charge back. This way as long as you have proof it was sent back they will handle it with verizon. And you get your money back.

second issue, what services do you have? Internet only is not taxable. However on tv and phone verizon does add state, local and municipal taxes which are not really that high. However verizon tacs on their own non taxes which are in some cases higher than the taxes and they call them surcharges. You can fix this via cancellation of any services other than internet. In NY state they tac on a bogus municipal construction surcharge of $2.49 per month to move poles. 

Just follow my advice and you should be ok. Additionally i see you are saying you get the $10 auto pay & paperless invoice discounts. Cancel autopay. Never let a company have access to your bank account.