Verizon customer service is the WORST!

Username: lbernhardt23

Around the end of January, I decided to switch from Optimum Online to Verizon’s FIOS internet only, as a friend had recommended that the price point was considerably better. When I called, it turned out it was a pretty solid savings for me – and purchased (rather than rent, which was more costly) their router (which is also a modem). I purchased the modem for a little under $260.00. I received the modem a day before I was to be out of town for a week, and upon return, attempted to hook it up. I had been told that it was a plug and play self-installation, yet none of the instructions applied to me and did not work. I contacted them (on a Sunday) and was told I already had a technician scheduled for the following day, Monday, (which I had not scheduled) and that I would be receiving text messages regarding my appointment. I never received any such messages and when I called the next day, was told that I was never scheduled for an appointment at all. I followed up by using the FIOS app chat as well as speaking directly with tech support and customer service multiple times.

Every time I spoke with someone, I was told a completely different story about what was going on with my account. One technician (on the phone) told me to go outside my house, unscrew the “correct” Verizon box (there are three) and connect the Verizon coaxial cable to the box. There were 4 different cables and I rent my home, and I believe that went well beyond the expectations of a “self-install.” After that, I was on the phone repeatedly with Verizon trying to work out my issues with the self-installation of my modem. I repeatedly scheduled a technician to come out and more than twice the scheduled appointment was cancelled or changed drastically after the scheduled time had already passed.  

When I finally spoke with a supervisor, she scheduled a time to call me back the next day, but failed to do so. When I reached out to another supervisor a day later, I was told that the original supervisor was not in on the day of the call back and when I inquired as to why a different supervisor didn't call me, I was told that that is not how Verizon's support works. While speaking with the second supervisor, I was informed that even thought I had yet to use my Verizon service at all (it wasn't even hooked up yet, Verizon's error, it wasn't actually a self-install), I was informed that I would only get a partial refund on the first month that I had already paid and that I would not be able to return my totally unused Verizon modem which I had purchased. When I asked to speak to her supervisor, she informed me that she was the highest level and that my only recourse was to "write a letter." I literally spent hours on the phone (both on hold and speaking to different individuals from various departments). I now have an expensive modem that is of no use to me and have cancelled my service. I have switched back to Optimum and would never do business with Verizon FIOS again. I am appalled at how poor their customer service is and also with the fact that I spent almost $260 on a router that I am not allowed to return, yet which is totally useless to me. Lastly, during my last chat through the app, I was informed that I WOULD be receiving a full refund.

Re: Verizon customer service is the WORST!
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Hi lbernhardt23,

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