Verizon does not know what customer service means
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I tried to pay my bill online using the Verizon gift card that I received when I signed up for Verizon Fios. It would not let me do it. I got an error message that my payment transaction failed because of an invalid card or authorization is decline by my financial institution. I had more than enough to pay my bill on this card. So I called the card company and I was told that Verizon lets you pay your bill with this card one time only. Apparently what I should have done was instead of putting the exact amount of the bill I should have put the total amount that’s on the card.


Speaking to customer service was a big hassle. Besides the fact that the line was not clear the representative had an accent. She was very polite and tried to be very helpful but I could not hear her. She suggested that I try to pay my bill by phone. When I asked her if there was a charge for doing that, she said ‘yes’. I cannot believe that you charge customers just for paying their bill!!!! That is the most amazingly insane thing I have ever heard of in my life. I mean if the customer is willing and able to pay her bill, why are you punishing her with an extra charge?


I cannot believe that Verizon is all about doing what’s easiest and cheapest for Verizon and not easiest and most helpful for the customers. Do you pass on those savings of going the easy way to your customers? I think not. I certainly have not seen any evidence of that.


Due to my perseverance, some luck, and probably a lot of help from a higher power I went back online and was able to resolve the issue myself. (So much for customer service.) At least I hope I resolved the issue. I received confirmation that the total amount that I put in was received so let’s hope so. At least I hope I’m not charged any fees because I was mistaken in my premise that the bill was paid.


I really believe that the government should investigate these charges that you keep piling on. I am out of work for two years and I cannot afford extra charges just for paying my bill!!!! Which is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard of.


The other problem is that you people believe that everybody is computer literate to the tech degree. Also you don’t take into consideration any disability that a customer might have. With my eyesight it is somewhat difficult to read the screen properly all the time. So when I signed up, I had to call customer service and I’m now being charged $10 more per month.


Apparently I was under the mistaken impression that it was all about the customer and not about the company. I guess I was wrong. Life is not without problems and I’m sad and appalled to see that Verizon isn’t there to help their customers with them. I thought customer service meant service to the customer. I don’t see it.


This is all making me rethink about signing up with Verizon in the first place. I thought Verizon was better than this.

And add insult to injury I don’t believe I can call customer service with my complaint. Beside the fact that I think I might be charged for customer service, I seriously doubt that they would do anything about it anyway. So I am putting it on this blog.



Is my bill paid or what!
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On July 1, 2015 I went online and paid my bill using the Verizon gift card that I received. When I go on my account there is this message 

Paid in full.

Thank you for paying your bill with Auto Pay. Your account is paid in full.

Under that message is the total amount due of the bill (and it is not 0.00) and the due date July 7, 2015. How is this possible? Is my bill paid or not? How do I get two conflicting statements on one page? Can someone tell me what this is all about?

I hope to God I do not have to pay a late fee because as far as I'm concerned I paid my bill. I can't help that the web site did not update.

Now I have to try to find the customer service number as I don't see it on Verizon's web site. No suprise there.