Verizon false information
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On the 11th on February I called Verizon about the network running really slow all day. During my call I was asked about what was going on and then when I explained in my area there is a lot of congestion which is the issue. I was told by the tech to give him a couple mins then when he came back he told me he would has his supervisor call me back. His name is Chris from tech support he called me about 30-45 mins later. He told me that after talking to the network team he would be able to move my line from a 3mbps to a 5mbps line. He said this would this would go threw 18th-20th on February as well gave me a ticket number and said he was putting a order through for me. Now I am being told there is no way to increase my speed of my line and there is nothing they can do for me because I can only get 3mbps. My question is how can verizon hire/work that do this. In ways I have been lied to many of times and given fraud information. @verizon I will be putting up many post about this call and all the issues I have been dealing with. How will you fix this?

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The fact of the matter is I am assuming you are talking DSL and not fios?

verizon is doing away with copper lines which your dsl is on. But in many areas that have had copper retirement the company has offered Fios digital to many affected.

fios is much faster and hopefully will be available to you.

you could file a complaint about poor service to your states Public Utilities Commission or Public Service Commission via a google search. However unless your service is degraded to lower than subscriber speeds nothing else will be done.