Verizon fios router wi-fi trouble

Wi-fi connection using Verizon FIOS router stops 1 - 5 minutes.  All wi-fi devices will stop and restart at the approximate same time.

Sometimes a connected device reports that the router can't be found, sometimes reports that the ISP can't  be connected.  Minutes later, all is OK. I have already run Verizon troubleshooter, moved the router, and rebooted. 

My daughter thinks that the router is overwhelmed with too many wi-fi connections.  I have 3 Alexa devices, three cell phones,  2 wi-fi tablets, 3 laptops, and 2 desktop computers, 2 active wi-fi printers,  video games and Amazon-controlled devices.

1.  Does her hypothesis have merit?

2.  How to contact Verizon Internet support?  Email on web page  is unresponsive!

Re: Verizon fios router wi-fi trouble
Community Leader
Community Leader

Verizon recently did a firmware upgrade which may be the cause of your issue. Try hard reseting your router to see if it fixes your intermittent issues.