Verizon greed

While paying bills today I decided to do a local search for DSL providers in my area and found many providers could provide much cheaper rates for my residental DSL. Went to chat with rep and after much procrastination I was told that my bill could be lowered by $15 a month. I asked if it would change my service in any way and was told no change. I asked why I had been paying a higher rate for quite some time.and really didnt get a satisfactory answer. I guess it was just a matter of asking. I ve been a Verizon customer for years, both land lines and wireless, but I think that this amounts to dishonest, or at least unethical business practice, and this is not the first time.

 Since customer loyalty apparently counts for nothing with Verizon it is time to cut the ties with them and seek another provider for my DSL and wireless services. My opinion of Verizon ranks somewhere around my opinion of Comcast, which is a rating of 0.I guess the billions they made last year just werent enough to satisfy the greed.

 I wanted to write an email directly to Verizon but alas, its an exercise in futility to find any email links. Wonder why thet is?

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