Verizon keeps lowering my speed
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I'm at my wits end.  Over the past couple of nights, Verizon has reduced my internet speeds significantly.  For the past year or more, my speeds have been a steady 3.5 MBPS -- which is still not GREAT.  I mean for one of the biggest telecomm companies in the world, you'd think they'd be able to provide a MINIMUM of 5 MBPS.  But I guess that's asking too much.  But no -- they can't even keep the 3.5 MBPS I've been getting.  And whenever I call support, they are no help at all.  They go over the SAME troubleshooting steps: Do you have a filter connected, reset the modem, try wired, traffic may be heavier.  Then they ultimately suggest the problem is the router and tell me that I need to buy a new one, even though that's clearly not the problem because my speed is slowed down at the SAME TIME every night.  That's not router behavior, that's verizon's network behavior.

On night 1 around 1:00 AM, my internet speed went from 3.5 MBPS to 2.9 MBPS.

On Night 2 around the same time, my internet speed went from 2.9 MBPS to 2.5 MBPS

On Night 3 around the same time, my internet speed dropped to 2.1 MBPS

Then tonight, my internet speed dropped to 1.8 MBPS.

And as a customer I'm supposed to accept this because it's 'within the range' that I'm supposed to be getting?  Seriously?  I NEVER get 15 MBPS which is also within that same range, but somehow I get closer to the lower ends.  And Verizon refuses to do ANYTHING because they clearly don't care about their DSL customers.  They only care about FIOS customers, and oh... what's that?  THey don't offer Fios here?  Well I guess it just sucks to be me.  

I also know it's not the router because I had this problem in the past with the same router, and Verizon did something on their end and fixed it.  But this time the people working here have no idea what they're doing OR they simply refuse to because Verizon's policy is to screw over customers as much as they can.

Right now I guess my ONLY option is to hope XFINITY doesn't cost too much to hook up to, and maybe they'll offer me better speeds than Verizon does, because Verizon has been terrible.  And I'll take my phone service, and my mobile service with me because I'm tired of being treated like crap by Verizon despite being a loyal customer for a very long time.

I'm not sure why this issue can't be resolved simply, other than that Verizon just doesn't care about the DSL Customers.  The employees I've talked with have all been very nice and courteous, but one thing they have NOT been is helpful.  If I can't get XFINITY or if its too expensive, I'm not sure what I'll do.  But one things for sure:  As soon as I can move, I'm going to make sure Verizon isn't the carrier.  

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You are in a catch 22 situation. Verizon like other phone providers are getting rid of copper. DSL runs on copper. Since they are getting rid of it they don’t rush to fix it.

you could try cable which is 10-20 times faster than DSL or you could try getting satellite internet which is 15 times faster than DSL.

there is no such thing as loyalty and I cannot see why people keep using that phrase.

you look for a good or service that is value for your money. 

I have been with verizon from way before the name change in 2000. Bell Atlantic then NYNEX etc. I stay because the cost is not above what I will pay. Same goes from their wireless service. I started when they did. Loyalty has zero to do with it.

i just switched car insurance after 48 years because I warned them I will not take any more rate hikes when I have a perfect driving record. Yep they raised me $10 so I switched. Saved $870 

so shop around and get a better deal.

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