Verizon online chat says prorated charge, but phone support doesn't

I was moving and the place I was moving to alreayd has internet so I can't really transfer my current plan there. I know i had to pay the early termination fee. I tried to terminate it on saturday through online chat but was told that I had to call Monday since they can't do that online for security purposes.

Let me just say Verizon support absolute sucks. I was told my two separate online chat agents that told me that my final Fios bill will be pro-rated so I was like, cool. Verzion is doing everything to keep the customers happy and honestly, it is fair that you pay for what you use. Today I called and was told that no pro-rated credit will be given. I was pretty mad because I was given two answers previously that told me I would get the pro-rated credit. It even states on their website that the pro-rated credit will be given.

Anyways, just need to let others know that Verizon WILL NOT give you pro-rated credit back if you terminate. I will definitely take this into account when choosing future internet plans.

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Others have stated, that monthly bills are not prorated per terms of service.

Your ETF is prorated per the terms of service.