Verizon putting collections report on my credit report and wrongly won't take it off

I moved out of an apartment in October of 2021 and had paid bills on time via auto pay every single month since I moved in. When I moved out of my apartment,  I cancelled my account and confirmed that my service was ending. 

Verizon sent me an email 3 months later telling me I had a bill due, but I emailed back right away to let them know I had moved out of the apartment and they must have the wrong information (I confirmed via email that I had cancelled my account back when I moved out). 

I never got any calls/etc from Verizon to provide more info, or anything of the sort. 

Last week- out of the blue - I got a phone call from Chase telling me someone had filed a "major derogatory" on my credit report which dropped my score by 105 points. 105!!!! 

I called Verizon right away and they let me know that apparently since I canceled my service 1 day (1 day) after the billing cycle started, I still owed them for the entire month after I had moved out (ridiculous, but whatever). I paid the bill via phone right away (i.e. as soon as someone explained to me that I owed money). To confirm, I had NO IDEA I still owed Verizon money. They sent me a few emails, most of which went to my spam folder, and NEVER called or tried other methods of reaching me. As soon as I fount out I owed money - which I only found OUT WHEN I CALLED THEM MYSELF-- I paid the bill on the spot. 

Now, Verizon is telling me that although they CAN remove the credit derogatory score, they won't. I've spoken to several customer service agents, all of whom subtly agree that it's a ridiculous situation but end up repeating boilerplate policy information and refusing to transfer me to a supervisor who has the power to actually do something about this. 

I'm going to continue to call as many different lines as I can to get this resolved so that someone can - at the very least- do a good will review of my situation and do what is clearly right here. 

I've been a perfectly loyal (never delinquent) customer of Verizon this entire time but if this isn't resolved, I'm going to have to take some serious action to compel all of my friends and family to switch their providers to Verizon competitors. I'd really love not to, but unless they fix this they're leaving me no choice. 

If anyone from Verizon sees this - or anyone has had a similar situation and solved it- please let me know so I can get it resolved!

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Hi frustrated1231,

As this is a peer to peer support forum, you will need to contact Verizon directly for assistance. We have sent you a private message with contact information for a dedicated specialist who is able to help resolve your issue.