Verizon won't prorate the Bill- Is it Lawful?
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I am charged for the FULL month even though I only utilized Fios service for 10 days (bill cycle 8/22/9/21/2018. I canceled on 8/31/2018) before I switched to another internet provider(more affordable).  Verizon representatives said, they have it written on the contract, but they can change the contract at any time since it is only stored on their website.  I have never received the full contract at all.  I am a manager at my work, and I know how documenting is important and keep it for the future reference. So many people will be affected by such a rip-off and I don't think it is even lawful to charge the whole month for only one-third or days of service (I read someone got charged for the whole month with only a day of service).  I am sure so many of us have been deceived by Verizon for years for many reasons, but there are only a few service provider, that we have not much of choice, and Verizon use the situation. 

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See article 10 of the Residential Terms of Service.

service is through the end of the billing month. It mentions no prorata of monies back.

customers should use the service up to the end date. Just make sure you have a confirmed termination date prior to the next months cycle.


Same thing just happened to me.  I am moving on the first and they recommended I stay on for the full cycle to the 15th??  What an asinine thing to say.  Either way they get paid.  What a gig, huh?  I wonder just how many people they have ripped off.  Truly bad business practice.  NEVER again.  I noticed they gave you a link to where it is in the contract.  **bleep** joke.   Gee, thanks Verizon.  What great customer service! 😃   Don't worry, I will spread the word!

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