WCB3000N Network Extended and Printing Problems
Enthusiast - Level 3

I have been using my WCB3000N as a network extended to my Quantum Gateway router. Signal strength has been much better throughout house where signal was previously weak, however I have had constant problems with my printer since enabling the extender. Either printer could not be found, and I would reset the printer wifi settings and it would work until printer went to sleep and then would not connect, or it wouldn't print for up to a day or two and then all of a sudden print jobs in the queue. I disconnected the extender and the printer works fine again. So I either need to find a different way to extended my signal (wireless options much preferred - don't want to try to start running wires through walls), or I need to find out why the connection of the extender was screwing up my printer settings.

I did notice that although the extender was set to use same settings as the Gateway router, there were still two instances of the network showing up on my printer. So if I called my networks Home 2.4 and Home 5 to represent the two bands available, on my printer, which only recognizes the 2.4 band, I would see two options for Home 2.4. That I think is the heart of the problem, which I can't seem to find a way around. If anyone has some suggestions I would love to hear them.