WCB6200Q Extender no coax connection light

Have had the WCB6200Q Extender hanging off a splitter for several months now, but recently, no internet.  Did the various reset suggestions, but the coax light is not comng on.  I've even tried connecting directly to the cable coming out of the wall.  Would appreciate any suggestions

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Community Leader
Community Leader

If it was working in that spot before it is possible that it went bad. One thing you can do is take it and plug it in right next to you router connect a small piece of coax from the router’s coax port to the WCB coax port. If you have a G1100 router the LAN coax light on back will light up and the WCB coax light will also light up if that is the case it must be a wiring issue. If not then the WCB is bad.