WIFI connection to Apple devices keeps dropping
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We've had FIOS at home for 5+ years with few issues. Suddenly on Wed 5/10 the WIFI connection to my iMac started dropping. Every time I step away from the computer I get disconnected; the control panel shows the connection is live but I cannot actually get on the internet. I called Apple support and they could not find an issue or solution. The only thing that seems sometimes to work is deleting the connection and then re-adding it. Over the next few days, our other Apple devices started having similar issues (phones and tablets). Android/Google devices are fine. What is going on? I work from home and this is super annoying, I can't get anything done because every time I pause for a minute the WIFI drops. I've restarted the router three times, and it doesn't seem to make a difference. Anyone seeing anything similar? Any suggestions?

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Hello mararup, we're sorry for the issues you're having with your home internet. We would recommend for you to reach out to us via Twitter or Facebook so that we may route your concern to the appropriate department for assistance.