Wake on WAN with G3100 router
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I want to set up my computer so that I can turn it on remotely with my phone. The computer is connected to the router using ethernet. I installed an app called Fing on my phone to do the wakeup, and installed a sniffer on my computer to test it. I know about port forwarding and dynamic DNS and I have that all set up.

I can wake up the computer over the local area network, but when I switch off the Wi-Fi and try to do it over the wide area network, it doesn't work. The odd part is, in both cases the sniffer shows that the magic packet is being sent. Has anybody succeeded in getting this working?

Re: Wake on WAN with G3100 router
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While I know what NAT router you have, I wonder if it has the same issue.

A snip from REF https://www.dslreports.com/faq/16041

Unfortunately, the Actiontec firmware (as of version ages out its ARP cache. This means that when it receives a WOL packet from the WAN, it may have "forgotten" the IP address associated with the MAC address in the WOL packet. The Actiontec also does not allow creating a port forwarding rule to the LAN broadcast address ( To get around both of these restrictions, we need to create a static ARP entry in the router that associates an unused IP address ( with the broadcast MAC address (FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF)