Want Gigabit service, do I still need ethernet from ONT to router

Hello, I am so sick of Xfinity.  I turned down Verizon Fios Gigabit service a few years ago since I don't have an ethernet connection from my ONT to router and the only solution was placing the router in the garage.  Wondering if things have improved.  Will I still need the router in the garage.  Ideal spot would be first or second floor and using coaxial.  I only plan to use internet and not get FIOS TV.   I do not want ethernet cable to outside to second floor and I prefer to not spend money on electrician to fix.  

The other option I could do is keep router in garage and use Orbi or EEROS to extend to the whole house but am I defeating the purpose of getting gigabit service by using a bunch of other products.  

I currently have 600 mb cable internet via comcast with router on first floor and it reaches throughout the whole house. 

Thanks for your advice

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Coax WAN is not capable of delivering gigabit duplex, this is a technical limitation of the ONTs.

Right now Gigabit 2.0 does come with a free rental G3100 and E3200. You can maybe put the G3100 in the garage and connect E3200 at an ideal spot of your house backhauled using coax to the G3100 in the garage.